The mattress market can be confusing, with several different types of mattress available that you probably never knew existed. And when you add the fact that mattresses can vary wildly in price, you begin to see why trying to buy the right one for your requirements is such a difficult process.

Thankfully, if you have a budget of around $1000, you don’t have to worry about poor quality mattresses and can instead concentrate on nailing down your choice of internal construction and your desired level of firmness and support.

To assist you in this process, we have tested and researched several mattresses and can now present to you the best mattress under $1000. Each of these mattresses is durable and features a level of quality that means they will last for a decade or more – so pick the one that meets your preferences and rest assured you’ll be sleeping well for years to come. 

Best Mattress Under $1000

Nectar Queen Size Gel Memory Foam Mattress

Our favorite mattress in this price range is Nectar’s gel memory foam mattress which is constructed from 5 separate layers of premium foam. The top layer is a unique quilted memory foam cover which is designed to be cooling in nature, providing a cool surface that will be in contact with your skin while you sleep.

The remaining 4 layers are a combination of different types of foam including 2 different types of memory foam, a breathable base layer and a bottom support layer which provides a firm base.

Nectar Mattress

What makes this mattress so special is that Nectar have been able to finetune the materials used to such a high specification that it is perfect for every type of sleeper. This means that back, side and stomach sleepers are all catered for in a single mattress which is usually unheard of. This translates into a medium to firm mattress that is as soft as some of the softest mattresses available.

Furthermore, Nectar offer a 180 day free trial with this mattress, which means that you can test it out in your home at your own leisure to make sure it is right for you. Exactly what you want when spending this kind of money. AND, this mattress also comes with a lifetime warranty which covers it against failures and defects throughout the lifetime of your ownership.

We love it and we’re certain that you will too which is why it is our best mattress under $1000.

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Layla Sleep Copper Infused Memory Foam Mattress

Layla have taken an interesting approach with their Sleep mattress by providing two different mattresses for the price of one. What this means is that one side of the mattress is designated medium-soft while the other is labelled as firm. This allows you to simply flip the mattress over for your desired level of firmness.

The soft side is very soft which isn’t suitable for back sleepers or those who require a lot of support. The firm side on the other hand is just right in our opinion and will be the preferred setting for many people. 

Layla Sleep Mattress

Sandwiched between each side are 4 different layers of memory foam and support foam, each with their own purpose. These purposes include, support, ventilation and body control whilst sleeping. One of these layers is also infused with copper which Layla states will keep you cooler than any other type of mattress cooling technology. 

Layla will also allow you to trial this mattress for 120 nights to make sure it is the perfect fit. If you find that it isn’t, simply return it for a refund. 

TUFT & NEEDLE Queen Size Adaptive Foam Mattress 

TUFT & NEEDLE have positioned themselves as innovators, which is why you won’t find many mattresses like this one on the market. They’ve shunned the multi layered foam approach and instead developed their own which they call T&N Adaptive foam, whilst also stripping out all the features which they deem unnecessary.   

This leaves a mattress with only 2 layers. The top layer has been designated as a pressure relief layer and the bottom as a support layer, both of which are infused with gel and heat wicking graphite and then covered with a breathable cover. 

Tuft & Needle Mattress

And it works. The sleeping layer is perfect in its plushness with just the right amount of give and the bottom layer provides plenty of support without being hard or uncomfortable. It’s a simple approach but one that TUFT & NEEDLE have implemented very well. 

You’re given 100 nights to trial the mattress and a 10 year limited warranty, so if you decide this one is your perfect match, it’ll serve you well for the next decade and beyond. 

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Ghost Bed Queen Size Memory Foam Mattress

Ghost Bed have quickly established themselves as an authority in the bedding and mattress space over the last 15 years. So much so that that they’re claiming this is the highest quality gel infused latex memory foam mattress that you can buy in the USA. A lofty claim indeed.

Three individual layers of foam have been provided; the top layer being aerated latex, followed by gel memory and then a high-density support core layer as the base. The idea being that breathability is maximised whilst still providing sufficient support. 

GhostBed Memory Foam Mattress

The mattress is designated as medium-firm and it is, which provides a good middle ground for most users. And the layering system does provide what is known as a cool sleep, with body temperature kept in check throughout the night. 

You’re provided with a 100 night trial period and we suggest that you make use of it to make sure that you’ll be satisfied long term. Finally, the warranty period is 20 years from the date of purchase, allowing you to request a replacement if any issues arise. 

Sweetnight Ventilated Queen Size Memory Foam Mattress

Sweetnight produce fantastic mid-range mattresses and this one is no exception. It is one of the cheaper entries in this guide but that doesn’t mean it should be overlooked on that basis. 

In fact, Sweetnight have done a great job of producing a mattress that is suitable for almost everyone which is a difficult task in itself. This has been achieved through the use of a 3 zone layer system which works in tandem, to provide support, movement control, heat dissipation and comfort. 

Sweetnight Ventilated Gel Memory Foam Mattress

The result is a very comfortable medium-firm mattress that provides a good amount of support to keep your body in alignment and relieve pressure at those vital spots such as the shoulders, hips and knees. Sweetheart even state that backpain symptoms should be relieved and many happy buyers agree. 

If you hate hard mattresses but still want to ensure that you’re supported while you sleep, the Sweetnight might be the choice for you. And it comes with a 10 year warranty. 

The $1000 Mattress Price Range – What Do You Get?

The $1000 price range is not the pinnacle for mattresses, but few buyers will see any need to spend more money. And when you look at some of the products we’ve tested, it’s easy to see why. Each of these mattresses is durable, comfortable, supportive and made from very high-quality materials. Some of them even feature in our luxury mattress guide.

Most beds in this price range feature an entirely foam construction, but it is possible to find some manufacturers offering hybrid mattresses or even those made entirely from innersprings if you prefer the feel of coil springs.

You will also begin to notice that many manufacturers are also happy for you to trial your mattress purchase for a period of time, allowing you to make sure that it is suitable for your needs. If you find that you simply can’t get comfortable, you’ll be able to return your mattress for a full refund.

The warranties provided are also much better than they are for cheaper mattresses, with some companies offering a lifetime warranty against defects and premature failure.

For reference, the prices discussed here relate to queen size mattresses so expect to pay slightly more for a king size mattress or less for a twin mattress. Other mattress sizes are also available. 

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Who Should Buy These Mattresses?

We’ve never heard any complaints from consumers who purchase in this price range, providing they buy the mattress with the right level of support for their needs. This is the single most important thing to take into consideration as every individual body is different, which means that one sleepers’ definition of perfect can be another’s nightmare. 

Which $1000 Mattress Is Right for You?

Coil Springs (Innersprings)

If you’re adamant about a spring filled mattress, make sure that you look for a high coil spring count. Luckily, this should be very easy when spending $1000 as there is less price cutting than there is at the lower end of the market. 

The more individually pocketed springs there are, the more supportive the mattress will be. 

Innerspring Mattress


Hybrid mattresses contain both springs and several layers of foam. Some consumers find that the hybrid mattress is the best of both worlds, being firmer than pure foam but with more give than an all spring construction. 


There are several types of foam available at this price range and every one of them is slightly different. Some manufacturers choose to utilize proprietary materials for finely tuned performance, and some infuse their foam with charcoal and even copper for the cooling benefits that they provide.

It is important that you ensure the foam density level is adequate for your needs, and that some type of cooling system has been utilized if you’re a warm sleeper and suffer from night sweats.

Latex Foam

Some mattresses will also contain latex memory foam which is a natural material and much higher quality than cheaper foams which are made from chemicals. Latex foam is also absent from the odors usually associated with cheaper memory foam. 

The types to look out for are Dunlop latex and Talalay latex.

Memory Foam Mattress Cutaway

Getting the Firmness Level Right

Firmness is a personal but very important preference. If you suffer from back pain, then we suggest a medium-firm to very-firm mattress as this will provide you with the level of support you require to reduce aches and pains.

If you need a soft or plush mattress to be able to sleep comfortably, look for a thick foam mattress which is marketed as being soft or plush.

Back sleepers should look for a medium mattress for better support, as soft mattresses can cause aches and pains.

Stomach sleepers should look for a medium to firm mattress to assist with breathing so that you don’t feel suffocated while sleeping. 

Side sleepers should look for a soft but supportive mattress that will relieve pressure points. 

Final Verdict

If you have $1000 to spend then you can take your pick from some of the best mattresses available. We believe that we have found the best mattress under $1000 and we’re sure you’ll agree. 

The other beds we’ve tested are great alternatives, so if you prefer some of the features that they have incorporated, then they are equally valid choices too. 

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