If you’ve never been mattress shopping before, you might find yourself surprised over just how much they can cost. But luckily for those of us on a budget, it is possible to find a perfectly good mattress for under $200 that will provide you with a comfortable night’s sleep.

To make your life easier, we have researched several mattresses to find the best mattress under $200. Each of these mattresses will serve you well for years, without sacrificing too many of the features that you might find in a more expensive mattress. 

Best Mattress Under $200

LinenSpa 8-Inch Memory Foam and Innerspring Hybrid Mattress

Our first recommendation is LinenSpa’s 8-inch hybrid mattress that is constructed from both innersprings and memory foam, which is designed to keep your body in alignment whilst providing you with a great level of support.
LinenSpa Hybrid Thin Mattress

6-inch steel coil springs are featured across the base of the mattress with a 1.5-inch layer of medium-firm memory foam sitting on top which is what makes this mattress so comfortable. And due to the design, this mattress will provide a good amount of airflow which will keep you cooler while you sleep.

The mattress cover is soft to the touch and is constructed from a durable knitted fabric that is designed to last, providing you with a mattress that we’re sure you’ll love.

Zinus Green Tea Memory Foam 8-Inch Mattress

Another great option for those on a budget is Zinus’ Green Tea memory foam mattress. What is great about this mattress is the fact that it is entirely constructed from memory foam, which is a feature that you usually find on mattresses costing twice as much.

Zinus Memory Foam Green Tea Mattress

Perfect for back sleepers and side sleepers, this mattress receives glowing feedback for all those who have tried it and we have to agree. And as the name suggests, this mattress is infused with a fantastic scent which removes that chemical type smell traditionally associated with box in bed mattresses.

The only drawback we found is that just as with most foam mattresses, this one will absorb heat which may be an issue for those who struggle with high temperatures at night.

More information on the brand can be found in our Zinus guide

Modway Aveline 6 Inch Gel Infused Memory Foam Mattress

This gel infused mattress from Aveline is a firm favorite with us and consumers alike. What separates this product from other memory mattresses is that that this one is infused with gel that is designed to regulate temperature better.

Modway Aveline Gel Memory Foam Mattress

The construction is medium-firm which will make it suitable for most people, especially those who like to sleep on their back or their stomach. And as with any memory foam mattress, pressure points such as your shoulders or hips will receive respite as the foam conforms to your body shape.

It is unusual to see cooling technology in a mattress at this price point, so if you must have memory foam and are a warm sleeper, this is the perfect mattress for you.

Zinus Sleep Master Ultima Comfort 8-Inch Spring Mattress

The Zinus Sleep Master is a great choice for those who prefer the feel of a spring filled mattress. But this mattresses’ springs are pocketed, which means that they provide a much better feel than the type of mattress you might have slept on as a child.

Zinus Sleep Master Mattress

A top layer of comfort foam is present which works well to provide padding against each individual spring, but we did notice that the mattress is prone to developing indentations over time which may see you replacing it slightly sooner than the other mattresses we have recommended.

The overall feel is firm with great breathability thanks to the spring carcass, so if you’re after that classic spring feel, this mattress might be the right choice for you.

Lucid 5 Inch Memory Foam Mattress

Lucid is a brand owned and manufactured by LinenSpa, so you can expect the same level of quality associated with their products. This particular gel infused mattress is designated as being ultra slim due to its minimal thickness, in turn providing a mattress that is firm in nature.

Lucid 5 Inch Memory Foam Mattress

We recommend this mattress for children or those with a smaller frame, as larger people may find that there is not enough support for their needs. But even with just 5 inches of thickness available, Lucid have managed to include separate layers of material which work in tandem together to provide a mattress that is comfortable for many people.

And to top it off, heat control technology has also been included to keep you as cool as possible all night long.

Interested in LUCID? See our full review.

The $200 Mattress Price Range – What Do You Get?

Whilst the saying that you get what you pay for has merit, the $200 price point for mattresses is an interesting one. What you may not know is that brick and mortar mattress stores often apply a significant markup to their products, which means that many of the mattresses here might cost twice as much in a retail store.

What that means is that these mattresses provide excellent value for money and are perfect for those looking for a short to medium term solution for a new mattress. They’re also great for those who are unsure over which type of mattress they prefer as they allow you to trial them for a low entry fee.

If your budget is slightly higher, take a look at our $500 mattress guide and $1000 mattress guide.

The Downsides


The main drawback for cheaper box-in-bed mattresses is that they often come with an unpleasant odor from the factory that can take a while to dissipate. This is simply a result of the manufacturing process and the chemicals used which are referred to as VOCs or volatile organic compounds.


You may also notice that durability isn’t quite up to the standard of higher priced mattresses which are designed to last for decades. This doesn’t mean that these cheaper mattresses will fall apart, but it does mean that they will need to be replaced sooner.


Finally, cheaper mattresses sometimes don’t offer the level of support you would find in a $1000 mattress. This is simply due to the fact that cheaper materials will have been used, whether the grade of coil spring or the grade of foam.

Who Should Buy These Mattresses?

Provided you can deal with the disadvantages; these mattresses are suitable for anyone on a budget. They’re also perfect for temporary accommodation or for students who will be living in dormitories for a few years.

And if buying for a child or a small person who doesn’t weight much, you are likely to find that the level of support provided is more than adequate., making these mattresses perfect for your needs.

Which $200 Mattress Is Right for You?

Coil Springs (Innersprings)

If you’re set on a spring mattress, try and keep an eye out for pocketed springs. They sit in individual pockets which means that they are also compressed independently, providing far more support and responsiveness than non-pocketed springs.

The more springs the better too, but it isn’t always possible to find out just how many springs have been included at this price point. But if you can, at least 400 coils should be the target for a queen size mattress and 450+ for a king mattress.

Innerspring Mattress


There are three types of foam that are used in foam mattresses, each with their own features.

Memory Foam

This material provides that supportive gooey feeling that many of us have come to know and love. The higher the density the better which is going to provide you with more support. On the flip side, more chemicals are used with this type of foam which leads to greater off-gassing and stronger odors.

Polyurethane Foam

Polyfoam is similar to memory foam but doesn’t contain any chemicals. This makes it cheaper but often much less durable. This essentially means that they’re more prone to sagging over time.

Convoluted Foam

This type of foam is typically used in mattress toppers and is the least durable type of foam available. We don’t suggest buying a mattress made out of convoluted foam as it will provide minimal support.

Memory Foam Mattress Cutaway

Getting the Firmness Level Right

The two biggest indicators of mattress quality at this level are foam density and coil count. They’re not the only indicator of comfort and durability but should give you a good idea of what you’re buying. If you struggle to find this information, it can often be found on a manufacturer’s website.

As mentioned, the more pocketed coils the better so keep an eye out for that figure. Its also worth noting that soft, plush mattresses are harder to come by in this price range. 

Memory foam mattresses are usually layered so check each one for an individual density rating. A density of 1.5 to 1.8 on the top comfort layer and at least a density of 2.5 in the bottom support layer is desirable.

Final Verdict

We’re confident that there is a budget mattress for everyone in this guide, as these products represent the best mattresses under $200. Simply take our top recommendation or choose one of the other options we’ve reviewed if you feel that they better suit your needs.

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