Orthopedic mattresses are designed to provide superior support to those who suffer from back pain caused by poor spinal alignment. Those who suffer from poor posture and struggle with their joints or their neck could also benefit from an orthopedic mattress.

We’ve taken a look at some of the most popular orthopedic mattresses available to see how they compare to other regular models. If you believe you might benefit from an orthopedic bed, take a look at each review to see which mattress will provide you with a better night’s sleep and potentially alleviate pain. 

Best Orthopedic Mattress In 2020

Snuggle-Pedic Memory Foam Orthopedic Mattress – Best Overall

Snuggle-Pedic is a mattress company known for their focus on good sleep posture.

They’ve utilized their proprietary Snuggle-Flex system which is designed to provide exceptional support while optimizing comfort. This high-density layer of memory foam does exactly what it’s supposed to and provides a very comfortable sleep while ensuring that your shoulders and hips remain in a neutral position. 

Snuggle-Pedic Orthopedic Mattress

The high-density layer of polyfoam beneath provides additional support for the top layer, helping to prevent you from sinking through the mattress and lying in an uncomfortable, unsupportive position.

We found the firm nature of the mattress to be just right which is aided by the pressure relieving properties of memory foam. Snuggle-Pedic have found the perfect balance and it shows in the way this mattress performs.

It’s well ventilated and breathable so great for warm sleepers and will accommodate all sleeping types, whether you lie on your back, stomach or if you’re a side sleeper.

A worthy winner and a mattress we recommend. 

Classic Brands Mercer Ortho Mattress – Best Hybrid Option

Classic Brand’s Pillow Top offering is for those who prefer the feel of springs.

High-quality encased springs have been used to form the core of the mattress. They provide a firm, sturdy base which provides a good level of support and adequate motion isolation for restless sleepers.

This spring base works in conjunction with several layers of memory foam and polyfoam, which is dense enough to provide orthopedic benefits without sacrificing comfort or pressure relief. 

Classic Brands Mercer Ortho Mattress

Due to the gel technology within the top layer, body temperature is well regulated during sleep which is an important feature to have when significant amounts of memory foam are used.

This is a medium firm mattress, so people who want something a little firmer may decide to look for an alternative option. But we found it to be a good compromise and an ortho mattress that is worth your consideration. 

Read our full Classic Brands mattress review.

Sunrising Bedding Ortho Mattress – Best Latex Option

A great latex mattress for those who prefer the feel of firm latex.

Sunrising Bedding have created a mattress that contains pocketed springs, memory foam and latex. Its an unusual combination but one that is designed to offer a balance between comfort and providing enough support.

Sunrising Bedding Latex Ortho Mattress

Because the Talalay latex layer is at the top, the mattress feels firm to sleep on which keeps your body well aligned with no sag or sinking. The memory foam layer beneath provides the comfort by softening the sleeping surface so it isn’t too stiff.

The individually pocketed coils which form the main base layer are very supportive and responsive and make for the perfect material in combination with the others used.

Customer feedback has been excellent with many happy users who prefer this mattress to those costing 3 times as much. We love it too and recommend it for those looking for a firm latex ortho mattress.

The mattress is well ventilated and sleeps cool and is available with a 100 night sleep trial. We suggest you give it a go to see if it’s a good match for your needs. 

Continental Sleep Innerspring Orthopedic Mattress – Box Springs Option 

Continental Sleep have taken a different approach with their orthopedic bed.

Rather than supply just a mattress, they’ve provided a set of box springs too which are designed to work in perfect harmony to provide a highly supportive orthopedic bed. This means you’re buying a complete bed which will replace the existing base you’re using. 

The tight top remains taught when in use and provides a firm feel to a mattress marketed as medium plush. Continental claim this is to make sure the mattress remains comfortable while providing enough support.

The heavy gauge springs used as the main mattress core provide minimal sink when lying down. During our test, we found that the body remains flat with a straight spinal position as intended, so we’re confident this mattress will improve posture over time.

A well-priced complete bed that is made in the USA.

Classic Brands Synergy Ortho Mattress – Best Budget Option 

Protecting your back doesn’t have to be expensive.

Classic Brands offer a variety of beds at different price points and have produced a budget orthopedic mattress that performs well.

It is 9 inches thick and uses a Bonnell coil base for support. The top layers are constructed from both memory foam and polyfoam and are designed to provide pressure relief while remaining firm and supportive.

In practice, the mattress is very firm which is our preference for its intended purpose. It is comfortable enough but will never be as comfortable as thicker mattresses which use more foam padding.

Motion transfer is limited and the mattress is designed for adjustable bed frames, making it perfect for most situations and sleeping arrangements. Great for children and the elderly.

A 5 year warranty is provided for additional peace of mind.

Orthopedic Mattress Guide

What is An Orthopedic Mattress?

There is no official definition or guidelines of what orthopedic mattresses are or the materials they should contain. There is no official body that certifies mattresses as being orthopedic.

When you see this term applied to a mattress, it is taken to mean that the mattress is firm in nature. This is because firm mattresses are recognized as being better for your posture due to promoting a more natural sleeping position through better alignment of your spine.

Who is An Orthopedic Mattress For?

Anyone can benefit from this type of mattress. Most doctors and health professionals recognize that mattresses that are too soft can cause long term health issues with prolonged use.

This is because they allow your body to sink into the mattress which disrupts your posture and forces your spine into an unnatural position.

A firm orthopedic mattress does the opposite and forces your spine to remain in a position that is natural. This means your head, neck, shoulders, back and hips are all in the correct position while you sleep.

The benefit to you is improved sleep quality and an improvement to your posture. Hopefully you will also notice a reduction in aches and back pain over time as your spine begins to straighten.

Are you a stomach sleeper with a mattress that’s too soft? Take a look out our stomach sleeper guide.

Arthritis Sufferers

If you suffer from arthritis in your joints, you might experience relief with the long-term use of an orthopedic mattress.

We would suggest trialling your new mattress with a sleep trial to see if it helps your condition.

What Specification Should I Be Looking For?

Certain types of materials do provide better support than others and make for better orthopedic beds. Its important to look into the product details to find out exactly what you’re buying.


Try and look for orthopedic mattresses that contain visco elastic foam. This material has many beneficial qualities and works well when combined with memory foam to provide contouring and keep your body properly aligned during sleep.

Rubber latex such as Dunlop or Talalay is a high-performance material that is often used in orthopedic mattresses. It combines the qualities of both memory foam and innersprings which makes it ideal for use in orthopedic bedding.

Innersprings used as the mattress core are also a good option and will provide plenty of support if enough individually pocketed high quality springs are included in its construction.


Your orthopedic mattress needs to be as firm as possible which is why its density rating is important.

The denser a material the more supportive it will be as it resists indentation. Indentation load deflection is another term to familiarize yourself with as it refers to how well a material resists loads.

Polyfoam and memory foam are often provided with a density rating, but coil spring mattresses often lack this information in their product description. When shopping for coil mattresses, more coils is always better so look for this number.


Each mattress brand will use their own firmness rating. This can often make comparing mattresses across brands difficult.

When shopping for this type of mattress, look for a firmness rating of at least a ‘medium’. If you prefer something firmer, then going up a level to firm or extra firm is also an option. This approach will often be optimal for combination sleepers and those who lie on their backs while sleeping

Its important to note that one brands medium could be another brands firm which is why we’ve provided our personal thoughts within each product review.

We also suggest looking at some customer reviews for additional feedback. 

Looking for a mattress for side sleepers? Take a look at our side sleeper guide.


Orthopedic mattresses are available in a variety of different sizes. Each brand typically offers sizes between a twin size and a king size, but this doesn’t always extend to every product in their range.

We suggest taking a look at each product to make sure its available in your size. For reference, we base our reviews on the standard queen size

Side Sleeper

Other Benefits

There are several features that this mattress type possesses which can offer additional benefits.

Cooler Sleep Temperature

Mattresses that are orthopedic tend to breathe better. This is because they use a combination of springs and breathable foam, often accompanied by a breathable cover. This is a significant plus point if you sleep hot and struggle to maintain a cool body temperature during the night.

Reduced Off Gassing

Off gassing refers to the odors that memory foam omits when it is brand new. Many people are put off by the smell and it can make sleeping difficult.

Orthopedic mattresses contain less memory foam and sometimes none at all. This significantly reduces the unpleasant odors that your new mattress will omit.

Environmentally Friendly

The materials used in ortho mattresses tend to be sustainable and much better for the environment. If your carbon footprint is a concern, this type of bed makes for a safe purchase.

Look for materials such as bamboo, natural latex made from rubber and steel springs.

Better Value for Money

Firmer mattresses tend to be more durable than their plusher counterparts. This means that an orthopedic mattress should last longer and stay comfortable for a longer period of time.

Final Verdict

Orthopedic mattresses vary in quality which is why its important to substantiate any claims that are made. If you buy a good one, we’re confident that you’ll see an improvement to your overall health.

We believe that the products we’ve reviewed represent the best orthopedic mattresses available and should provide you with years of comfortable, supportive sleep. 

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