If you’re lucky enough to own an RV, you will know just how enjoyable long road trips into the wilderness are. But you will also know that the right RV mattress can make or break any trip. There is no reason that your camper mattress shouldn’t be just as comfortable as the one in your bedroom, which is where we come in.

We’ve tested several of the best RV mattresses available so that you can bin the hard, flimsy or uncomfortable bed that originally came with your RV. You’re guaranteed a better night’s sleep when you’re using a quality mattress, so take a look at our top picks and buy your camper van the mattress it deserves.

Best RV Camper Mattress In 2020

DynastyMattress Memory Foam RV Mattress – Best Overall

DynastyMattress wins our top pick and is perfect for larger RVs and motorhomes.

We class this as the luxury option due to its thickness, which has allowed the company to fill it with 4 layers of high-quality memory foam. The result is a 12 inch mattress which is medium firm in nature and is capable of supporting a total of 500 lbs in bodyweight.

DynastyMattress Memory Foam RV Mattress

We found it worked well for back, stomach and side sleepers and is firm enough for those with back pain.

To make it as cool as possible it includes gel cooling technology in the top layer of foam which should satisfy warm sleepers. We found that it remained cool even in confined spaces which is exactly what you want in an RV bed.

The removable suede cover is soft to the touch and adds to the sense of luxury. It is designed to be stretchy which also helps the memory foam return to its previous shape.

If you’re looking for a full-size RV mattress and want something thicker than most mattresses of this type, look no further than Dynasty.

Live & Sleep Resort Classic Memory Foam RV Mattress – Alternative Choice

True to form, Live & Sleep’s recreational mattress is a great runner up.

We’re a big fan of Live & Sleep’s products and this one is no exception. Its 10 inches thick which will suit many owners of smaller RVs without having to forgo comfort and a luxurious feel.

Live & Sleep Resort Classic Memory Foam RV Mattress

It utilizes a top layer of air infused memory foam which contours well and provides a cradling effect that memory foam lovers will be familiar with. It does this while offering an exceptional amount of pressure relief which makes it great for side sleepers, even though the mattress is on the firmer side.

The foam used is breathable and works in conjunction with the breathable knit cover to improve airflow and promote a cooler sleep, even in warmer ambient conditions.

Its very well priced and will make the perfect camper bed for most people, topped off by a 20 year warranty.

Zinus Deluxe Memory Foam Camper Mattress – Best Medium Option

The middle of the road choice.

What we love about this mattress is its price to performance ratio. Its one of the cheapest RV mattresses here while remaining supremely comfortable as well as being perfect for smaller motorhomes.

It features a height of 8 inches which some people may find more suitable as it should fit in most recreational vehicles that lack standing space.

Zinus Deluxe Memory Foam Camper Mattress

3 layers of foam are used which each perform an important role. The top layer provides contouring and motion isolation whereas the comfort layer underneath provides pressure relief. The base layer is the denser of the three and is designed to provide support.

It works well and everyone who tried it found it to be very comfortable by being both firm yet feeling soft at the same time. Whether you suffer from backpain or sleep on your stomach, this mattress should be able to offer you a comfortable night’s sleep.

Zinus offer a 10 year warranty and will replace it in the event of failure.

Serenia Sleep Memory Foam RV Mattress – Made in the USA

Great customer service and a quality product.

Serenia’s purpose built camper mattress offers a level of craftsmanship and quality that is often missing from bedding products. They say its because they manufacture in the USA and they could be right.

Serenia Sleep Memory Foam RV Mattress

The top layer consists of 2.5 inches of memory foam with a 5.5 inch layer of high density support foam on the bottom. This provides for an 8 inch mattress that should fit within most sleeping quarters.

Its billed as being medium in firmness but like the Zinus, most people who tried it found it to be supportive but also soft and comfortable. That goes for those with recurring backpain and other spinal injuries too.

It sleeps cool due to open cell foam technology and is available in a wide range of RV sizes. A great choice for RV owners.

Best Price Memory Foam Mattress – Best Budget Option

The cheapest on our list but still a fantastic product.

Best Price are known for producing high-quality bedding products at low prices and this one doesn’t disappoint.

Its all foam construction offers contouring, support and pressure relief in equal measure and actually rivals many more expensive mattresses. And when you consider the fact that this one is only 6 inches thick, it makes the achievement even more impressive.

Best Price Memory Foam Mattress

The foam used is ventilated for increased airflow and cooling which helps to maintain a lower body temperature overnight, a feature that is further complemented by the breathable outer fabric cover.

The only downside is the use of fiberglass in the inner cover which is used as a fire barrier. This can degrade overtime but should not become an issue for several years of regular use.

Firm but soft and worth every cent for those on a budget.

RV Mattress Buyer’s Guide

Whether your camper didn’t come with a bed or you’re replacing an old one, it pays to focus on quality. Since most people don’t live in their RVs full time, buying the right camper bed should see it last for decades. For this reason, its best not to compromise and ensure you get the features you want.

Our guide will tell you what to look for when buying a new RV mattress.

RV Bed Options


The easiest solution is to buy a mattress that will fit onto an existing bed frame. Simply measure your existing mattress or bed and buy a new one in the exact same size.

If your existing bed frame is a custom design or size, you might have to order a custom mattress. This is likely to be the case if there are rounded corners or indents present due to the layout of the sleeping area.

Mattress Topper

If your existing mattress is relatively new, it might be worthwhile trying out a mattress topper. A foam topper can improve the comfort of even the most uncomfortable mattresses and will likely be the cheapest option.

Sofa Beds

If your RV or camper is on the smaller side, it might be fitted with a pull-out sofa bed. If so, your options are limited to the size of the bed. We find that the easiest option in this scenario is a topper that fits over the sofa bed mattress.

Be sure to remove it when the bed has been folded away.

Pop-Up Campers & Trailers

This type of camper will feature less vertical space which limits your options even further. It’s best to stay away from thick mattresses and go for something a little thinner to maximize space. Less than 10 inches in height is preferable with 4-8 inches being even better.

You could choose a thin mattress and a foam topper or choose to use the type of air mattress used for camping. Either way, sleeping comfort doesn’t need to be sacrificed.

Full Size Motorhomes

If your camper, RV or motorhome is big enough to rival your house, its likely that you have enough space to install a full-size mattress and bed. This means that you could replicate the setup in your master bedroom or go for something even larger.

Whatever you choose to do, be sure to measure your motorhome’s sleeping quarters to see how something like a king size mattress would fit. A ‘Class A’ or ‘Class B’ motorhome should have more than enough space.

RV Bedroom
RV Sleeping Quarters

Types of Bed

The construction of camper beds is very similar to that of conventional mattresses. You will have the choice of springs, foam, latex and inflatable beds which are all great options depending on your personal setup.


The original mattress that came with your RV is likely to be constructed from polyfoam. It will probably be thin and lack both adequate support and comfort when lying down.

If replacing like for like, go with a thicker polyfoam of higher quality or memory foam if preferable.

Memory Foam

The next step up is memory foam. This type of mattress varies in price, but it is possible to buy something suitable for around the $200 point depending on the size you require.

Most people find memory foam to be far more comfortable than polyfoam or convoluted foam, so this is likely to be your preferred option.


Springs mattresses can be a good option for RVs. We recommend looking for one that uses encased coils to reduce the possibility of the metal springs rusting and corroding over time.


Hybrid mattresses contain a combination of materials including foam and coil springs. There are some fantastic beds in this price range which are suitable for RVs. Many are slim in profile too making them a good option for those short on space.


Latex is a natural option that many people prefer. If that sounds like you, its possible to buy a latex mattress for your RV or camper van. It’s a durable material and is resistant to dust mites and other microbes, perfect for the outdoor lifestyle.


The best thing about airbeds is that they’re easily transportable. They’re also available in a variety of different sizes which make them suitable for any environment.

Some of the higher-end models allow you adjust them for firmness on either side of the mattress, providing the ability for two people to find their ideal comfort level on the same bed.

If you like sleeping on air, this might be the best option for you.

RV Mattress Sizes

Mattresses which have been purpose built for RVs or campers tend to vary in size from their conventional counterparts. You’ll often find they have a similar name but will be slightly smaller, but there are a few exceptions.

RV Twin

A standard twin mattress is 38 x 75 inches. In RV form they come in several sizes ranging from 28 x 75 inches to 40 x 80 inches. Common for both campers and pop-ups.

RV Bunk

Bunks are typically found in recreational vehicles which are designed for families. Sizes vary but the standard length is 75 inches while the width is usually either 28 or 35 inches. If you’re struggling to find the right size, look for a truck bed as they’re slightly larger.

RV Full

Full or double mattresses are typically found in recreational vehicles with fold out sofas. The difference is that they’re one inch wider in an RV.

RV Three Quarter

These beds feature a width of 48 inches which is 75% of the width of a standard queen size bed. Typically found in recreational vehicles and larger campers with narrow sleeping areas.

RV Queen

RVs and pop-ups with ample space often have a queen-sized bed in the standard dimensions of 60 x 80 inches. If your vehicle has several sleeping areas, the main one will often feature a queen bed.

RV Short Queen

The Short Queen is five inches shorter than standard which gives a length of 75 inches rather than 80. Perfect for multiple sleepers who won’t miss the loss of leg room.

RV Olympic Queen

The Olympic Queen is wider than a standard queen by 6 inches, providing a total width of 66 inches.

RV King

RV king sizes are usually either 72 x 75 inches or 72 x 80 inches, slightly smaller than the standard king which measures in at 76 x 80 inches. Perfect if space is a little tight.

RV Eastern King

RV Eastern King beds are becoming more common. They’re wider than a regular king and measure 76 inches in width instead of 72. They’re suited well to couples who want more room or campers who are traveling with small children with only one bed available.

RV California King

A common size in many homes but potentially a little too big for most recreational vehicles. Longer than a standard king but slightly narrower at 72 x 80 inches instead of 76 x 80 inches.

RV Trailer Beds

The truck or trailer bed can be placed into the back of a pickup truck or inside a motorhome. Whichever option you prefer, you’ll have the choice of two sizes: 35 x 79 inches or 42 x 80 inches.

Mattress In RV
Short Queen Camper Mattress

Other Camper Mattress Considerations

Mattress Firmness

RV mattresses are usually quite firm which works for many people but not everyone. Its important to pay attention to the firmness rating each company provides to give you an idea of what it will feel like to lie on.

If you prefer something a little softer, look for terms such as plush. It’s a good idea to note that firm mattresses can often become softer over time.

Mattress Comfort

Comfort and firmness are terms that are often used interchangeably. In reality they mean something different as a mattress that is too soft can actually quickly become uncomfortable.

Be sure to match your mattress choice to your usual sleeping position and whether you suffer from back pain. If you have a bad back, always go for a mattress on the firmer side.

Those who sleep on the back and stomach should go for a firm mattress and those who sleep on their side should go for a soft to medium mattress.

Final Verdict

The possibilities are endless if you’re a recreational vehicle owner. You might be limited in terms of sleeping space or you might have enough space for a king or King Cal bed in your quarters. Either way, you don’t have to compromise on RV mattress comfort.

Whatever you decide, the mattresses we’ve tested here represent a great cross section of the RV market, so we’re confident that you’ll be buying the best one for your needs if you follow our advice.

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