Leesa are the original “bed in a box” mattress company, originally launching in 2014. Over that time, Leesa have continued to grow in popularity and are now considered a rival to many premium mattress brands.

With the presence of so many mattress companies within the bedding industry, you can be excused for not knowing exactly what sets them all apart. But if you’re specifically set on a Leesa mattress, you’re in the right place. 

Our Leesa mattress review will take a look at their most popular memory foam model, the Leesa Original, providing you with a detailed overview of its features so that you can come to an informed decision. 

Leesa Original Mattress

The original bed in a box mattress brandLeesa Mattress


Leesa Original Mattress Overview

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Buying A Leesa Mattress

Leesa follow the online direct to consumer model of commerce which allows you to quickly order a mattress and have it delivered to your home. But unlike some online only brands, Leesa have also partnered with physical retail stores (West Elm being the main one) and also operate a public gallery in New York City where you can try their mattresses in person.

When you order a mattress online, you’re most likely going to be receiving it in a compact cardboard box. Inside, you will find your pre-rolled mattress waiting for you to pull it out.

Leesa deliver their mattresses in exactly the same way, whether you’re buying directly from them or from an online retailer such as Amazon or Best Buy. 

As with any mattress company billing themselves as premium, Leesa offer white glove delivery when buying direct. This costs $150 and will see two delivery technicians install your mattress in your home for you as well as collect and dispose of the old one. 

How Much is a Leesa Mattress?

Leesa mattresses aren’t cheap but then neither are their closest competitors either. We found their current pricing structure to be comparable to other premium “bed in a box” mattress brands.

The queen size Leesa Original mattress runs at around $900. This size is large enough for people who sleep alone as well as most couples, unless you need the additional width of a king size mattress. Smaller sizes are available such as the twin size version which currently retails at just over $500.

There are two other mattresses within the Leesa range which are the Leesa Hybrid and the Leesa Legend. Both mattresses are more expensive with the Hybrid costing around $1500 and the Legend around $2200. 

As you would expect at this price point, the Leesa Original comes with a 100 night risk free sleep trial. 

Mattress Construction & Quality

The Leesa Original is a 10 inch thick all-foam mattress. Its officially rated as a medium firm and a 5 out of 10 on the mattress firmness scale. Excluding the top cover, this mattress consists of three separate layers; a comfort layer, a recovery layer and a support layer. The top two layers provide the comfort and conformity whereas the bottom one provides structure, support and rigidity.

The cover is made from a woven polyester Lycra Spandex blend which makes it both stretchy and durable. Its designed to be breathable too and ensure that air flows throughout the mattress despite its thickness. This grey outer cover showcases Leesa’s signature three stripe branding which we feel is a simple yet effective design.

The top layer is constructed from 2 inches of premium high-density Avena foam. This microcell egg crate foam layer is designed to be as breathable as possible while remaining comfortable and offering pressure relieving properties.  

It almost feels like latex rather than convoluted foam which was an unexpected but pleasant surprise.

We found this layer to offer a pleasing amount of ‘give’, allowing your body to sink into it just the right amount while still providing enough support in conjunction with the layers underneath.

There is no gel or charcoal infusion to assist with cooling in this layer, but we found it didn’t really need it due to the inherently breathable design.

The middle layer is made from low-density memory foam and is 2 inches thick. This recovery layer is softer than the one above and provides the majority of conformity that most memory foam lovers are familiar with.

It cradles and hugs the body which is going to assist in providing the pressure relief required to the hips, knees and shoulders for back and side sleepers. Back sleepers will also find that their shoulder blades are cushioned to avoid the build up of pressure overnight.

The bottom layer is a 6 inch thick support layer made from high-density polyurethane foam. This dense base layer provides support and stability for the upper layers and also supports most of your bodyweight to prevent sagging.

This layer in conjunction with the two softer layers above will ensure your spine remains in the correct alignment. 

The mattress cover has an easily accessible zip for easy removal. If your mattress becomes dirty or develops stains over time, simply zip it off for cleaning. We recommend spot cleaning or a gentle hand wash. 

Mattress Firmness

We found Leesa’s guide of medium firm and a 5 out of 10 to be accurate and useful for most people.

The combination of medium firmness and the way that this mattress relieves pressure means that it is perfect for assisting with back pain. The amount of pain relief you experience will vary but we suggest trying the mattress for 30 nights to see how you feel.

The medium firmness rating and the balanced feel make this mattress suitable for a variety of sleeping positions too. The only caveat we would give is that you’re most likely to get on with this mattress if you weigh no more than 230 pounds.

For people exceeding this weight, we found the mattress to sag slightly, proving less support than is required for someone in this weight category. If you feel this may be a concern for you, we suggest trying the firmer Leesa Hybrid mattress.

Back sleepers will benefit from the support offered by each layer of foam. Good neutral spine alignment was maintained throughout the night, offering enough support across the lumbar region.

Stomach sleepers will benefit from the firmness offered by the top layer of this mattress. It offers sink, but not enough to disrupt your natural alignment. This will ensure your hips remain level with your torso and don’t sink too much into the mattress.

Side sleepers will benefit from the comfort and pressure relief provided by the top two layers. Your shoulders will be cushioned, preventing the usual build up of tension and pain in this crucial area.

Combination sleepers will also feel comfortable on this mattress. It is responsive enough to not make turning over too much of a chore while remaining supportive as you switch sleeping position during the night.

Heavier sleepers will struggle with most all-foam mattresses as they aren’t as supportive as other materials such as latex or steel coil springs. The upper limit for this model is around 230 pounds, if you’re much heavier than this, we would suggest looking elsewhere. 

Leesa’s 100 night risk free sleep trial allows you to test this mattress from the comfort of your home. We suggest giving the mattress 30 nights to break in before coming to a decision. 

Leesa Mattress Review

Additional Considerations

Motion Transfer

The Leesa Original offers a great amount of motion isolation as you would expect from a foam mattress. The memory foam layer being underneath the top layer doesn’t impact upon its motion transference limiting properties.

Perfect for light sleepers who share their beds with a restless or fidgety partner.

Edge Support

Edge support is adequate providing you’re in this bed’s intended weight range. We don’t recommend sitting on the edge for extended periods of time but sleeping near to the edge shouldn’t present any issues.

Compared to other all-foam beds, this one does provide better edge support than most.

If improved edge support is important to you, we suggest upgrading to either the Leesa Hybrid or Legend.

Sleep Temperature

The temperature of your sleeping environment is incredibly important. No matter your personal preferences, a cooler bedroom and bed is always better for a good night’s sleep. You’ll feel more rested as you spend longer in a deeper sleep state.

There are no cooling measures used in this mattress other than the breathable outer cover and the breathable foam layers. Its an interesting choice not to include a gel infusion but is hasn’t negatively impacted the cooling performance of this mattress.

It sleeps as cool as any other premium memory foam mattress and is actually better than many. This might be a considerable selling point for many potential buyers.

Base Requirements

Leesa state that most bed frames and bases are suitable for use with this mattress which is a welcome change. This includes modern box springs without coils, slats, divans and solid timber platforms. Material doesn’t matter either as metal or wood bases are both compatible.

Leesa sell several bed frames, so if you don’t currently have one, take a look at their range for excellent compatibility with their mattresses and a made to fit design.


Leesa provide a 10 year non-prorated warranty with all of their mattresses. Providing the warranty is valid, Leesa will (at their discretion) replace or repair any defective mattress providing the terms and conditions of the warranty have been upheld. This is reliant on you looking after the mattress and keeping it in good condition.

If you notice a defect and wish to upgrade to a more expensive model, Leesa will allow you to pay the difference between the two with no other charges applicable.

Buy from Amazon and you’ll receive a 100 night risk free sleep trial. This is a good opportunity for you to test the mattress out and see whether it is a good fit. If it isn’t, you will be able to return it for a refund. 

Leesa Mattress Review: Final Verdict

Leesa are the original online mattress retailer and some say the best. What is true is that their customer following continues to grow as they improve their mattresses and introduce new models.  

We like the fact that Leesa now offer two additional mattresses in addition to their Original which provides more choice for consumers as well as the option to really dial in your personal requirements.

We found the Leesa Original to perform very well and on par with mattresses from the likes of Casper and Purple. Since these two manufacturers are some of Leesa’s biggest competition, we think this to be a worthy achievement. 

Each brand does have its own unique properties so the one you choose should be based on your preferences, but if you’re set on a Leesa, you’ll be spending your money wisely. 


Our Rating

A fantastic foam mattress


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