Nectar Sleep are an innovative bed company based out in California. They’ve been producing high-quality mattresses for several years which has enabled them to establish significant market share in this competitive industry. 

Their most popular mattress is simply known as the Nectar and has claimed many industry accolades and awards over the years as well as great feedback from customers. In this review, we’re going to take an in depth look at this mattress to find out just how good it is and whether it might be suitable for you.  

The Nectar Mattress

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Nectar Mattress Overview

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Buying A Nectar Mattress

Like many similar boutique mattress companies, Nectar focus heavily on online retail through their storefront. They also sell through retailers such as Amazon who offer the same level of post-sale support as Nectar do.

The reasoning behind this is that it allows Nectar to lower their prices as they don’t have to contend with the overheads associated with a traditional bricks and mortar retail store.

Like many “bed in a box” brands, Nectar ship their mattresses pre rolled and slotted into a cardboard box. This simplifies the shipping process and allows every customer to install their new mattress quickly and easily. Simply transport the box to your room of choice and pull out the mattress where it will unfold itself over the course of a few hours. 

If you would rather someone else do it, Nectar also offer what is referred to as a white glove delivery service where they’ll both deliver and install your new mattress for you. 

How Much is a Nectar Mattress?

Nectar currently offer 2 different mattresses within their product range. This one is simply known as the Nectar whereas their other more expensive mattress is referred to as the Nectar Lush.

The Nectar retails for around $800 in the queen size which makes it cheaper than its closest competitors such as Casper. And when you consider the added value attached to the product such as the 365 night sleep trial and the extensive Forever warranty, you can quickly begin to see why it makes such a good purchase. 

If you’re looking for a little more luxury, the Nectar Lush retails for around $1500 in a queen size. 

Mattress Construction & Quality

Memory foam is the main material used within the construction of this mattress and this is what provides that fantastic feel which is sought out by so many people.

Interestingly, Nectar have also chosen to manufacture only one thickness profile for this mattress which is 10 inches. In contrast, some brands choose to offer two or more choices in mattress depth.

The top layer is made from visco foam and is referred to as the Smart Sleep Layer. It is designed to be breathable to enhance airflow through the surface of the mattress which has the effect of better regulating your body temperature.

Nectar claim that this layer is up to 30 times more breathable than any other comparable material.

This layer provides the contouring and body conformity that makes for a better night’s sleep. It hugs and cradles as memory foam should but doesn’t allow you to sink all the way through like cheaper mattresses. It also provides the pressure relief which is required for your body’s contact points such as the shoulders and hips.

The second layer is referred to as a transitional layer and offers increased support due to its firm density. Interestingly, this layer is made from memory foam where most other mattresses use polyfoam.

This provides for increased comfort without sacrificing good support and proper spinal alignment.

The bottom layer is the support core which consists of 5.25 inches of 2.2 PCF high-density polyfoam. It is the firmest layer of the mattress which is designed to support the upper layers and allow them to perform their roles.

This dense layer also enhances edge support which reinforces the edges of the mattress so that they don’t collapse when sleeping or when sitting near the edge of the bed.

The quilted TENCEL cover is also technically a layer as its constructed from memory foam. Think of it as an integrated mattress topper as its fantastically soft and provides a luxurious feel when lying on it. It is also designed to cool and works in tandem with the overall breathability of this mattress. 

This cover can also be removed for cleaning as required, either by machine or by hand. 

Mattress Firmness

The Nectar mattress is medium firm and sits at a 6 on the firmness scale. Nectar refer to it as “plush but supportive” and we tend to agree.

It does a great job of being both soft to the touch but supportive enough to provide a stable sleeping surface that wont sink or deform under pressure. This is down to the way each layer of foam has been designed.

If you weigh less than average (less than 130lb) then you might find this mattress a little too firm. If you are much heavier than average (250 lb +) we suggest something a little firmer to ensure you’re getting the support you need.

As with any good all-round mattress, we found this one to work well for every sleeping position.

Back sleepers should feel comfortable when sleeping on this mattress as the top layers allow you to sink in a little to find your natural alignment. This keeps your spine where it should be and will prevent the aches and pains associated with poor mattresses. 

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Side sleepers will benefit from the pressure relief provided by the memory foam within the upper layers. It works well to relieve the pressure in the usual places such as your shoulders, hips and knees.   

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Stomach sleepers will enjoy this mattress as it won’t allow your hips to sink too deeply which tends to throw your spine out of alignment. If you carry a lot of weight around your mid-section or hips, you might be better off with a firmer mattress.

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Combination sleepers are well catered to as this mattress feels good and provides exceptional support whichever position you sleep in. 

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Nectar Mattress Specifications

Additional Considerations

Motion Transfer

Nectar heavily promote the motion isolation properties of this mattress for good reason. We found it to dampen all movement including exaggerated tossing and turning to replicate real world conditions.

This performance is thanks to each layer working in harmony to limit movement throughout the mattress structure.

The only downside here is that this mattress isn’t as responsive which can make turning over and changing position slightly more difficult.

Edge Support

Edge support is slightly better than average across comparable memory foam beds. You will experience sinkage when sitting on the edge but sleeping near to the edge shouldn’t present too many problems.

Sleep Temperature

Your overall body temperature while sleeping directly affects the quality of sleep you receive. The cooler you are, the more restful your sleep.

The Nectar scores very well in this category as its been designed with providing a cooler sleep in mind. The TENCEL cover does an exceptional job of regulating temperature and wicking away sweat whereas the breathable upper layers allow air to move freely throughout the mattress.

For an all foam mattress, this is one of the coolest sleeps you’re going to find.

Base Requirements

Divan bases, box springs and wooden slats are all suitable for use with this mattress.

Nectar offer an adjustable base which is designed to work with this mattress. If you already have an adjustable base, you can also choose to use that instead. 


Nectar provide what they refer to as a ‘Forever Warranty’ with every mattress they sell. During the first 10 years, Nectar will replace all defective mattresses free of charge including the costs to ship both ways.  

After the 10 year period, Nectar will still replace a defective mattress but will ask for a contribution of $50 each way which covers shipping and transportation.

Receiving a new replacement mattress will not reset your warranty which will be carried over from your original purchase.

Nectar also offer a very impressive 365 night sleep trial. This is one of the longest in existence and shows just how much faith Nectar have placed in their products. 

The mattress has a 30 day break in period, but if you’re still unhappy with it after this time has passed, you can return it for a full refund. 

Nectar Mattress Review: Final Verdict

The memory foam market is full of ‘premium’ mattresses, some of which deliver what they promise, and some which don’t. Having tested this mattress extensively, we can place it in the former category.

Nectar’s USP is value for money which we feel has been achieved. Compared to other similarly priced products on the market, this one excels. It also excels when compared to mattresses that are hundreds of dollars more expensive. 

If it must be memory foam and it must be a bed in a box, the Nectar mattress is worthy of your consideration. 


Our Rating

Fantastic value for money


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