Zinus produce a range of mattresses that are suitable for every budget, with most of their beds occupying the budget category. In a market that is saturated by companies offering high-end products, this is a welcome change.  

But do Zinus’ mattresses hold up under use, or are you better off spending a bit more money to gain a little more quality? This review will tell you what to expect and whether a Zinus mattress is suitable for you.

Zinus Green Tea Mattress

A budget friendly memory foam mattress that smells greatZinus Green Tea Mattress


Zinus Mattress Overview

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Buying A Zinus Mattress

Zinus’ biggest selling point is their accessibility. For those looking to buy a bed in a box mattress that can quickly and easily be delivered to their home or location of choice, Zinus excel for several reasons.

Zinus’ products are the fastest selling mattresses on Amazon as most people are looking to buy in the $500 and under category. Couple this with the fact that their products perform well, and you have a recipe for success.

Its as simple as placing an order for the size and thickness of mattress you require and then pulling it out of its box when it arrives.

How Much is a Zinus Green Tea Mattress?

Prices vary as Zinus offer several thickness levels across their range. They also offer the full spectrum of mattress sizes such as a twin, twin xl, double, queen and king.

For reference, the popular queen size in 10 inch form currently retails for around $200. Pretty good for a memory foam mattress that performs this well.

Mattress Construction & Quality

This particular bed is solely constructed from foam rather than coil springs or latex. The 10 inch version consists of three separate layers which include memory foam, comfort foam and high-density support foam.

The top layer is made from memory foam and is the surface you’re going to be directly in contact with. It is 2.5 inches thick and has been infused with a green tea extract, a natural castor seed oil and charcoal which are designed to provide a pleasant smell and resist the growth of bacteria. This combination is also supposed to wick away sweat and promote enhanced cooling.

The middle layer is made from polyfoam which is designed to provide additional comfort. It is 2 inches thick and helps to relieve pressure across the surface of the mattress, great for side sleepers and those who regularly change sleeping position.

The bottom layer consists of a layer of high-density convoluted egg crate foam. It is 5.5 inches of thick support foam which provides the overall base for the mattress.

Other performance properties include promoting airflow to keep you as cool as possible during the night.

The cover is made from a knitted Jacquard material and is soft to the touch. It is stretchy in nature and provides good support and an overall feeling of quality.

This mattress can be purchased in 6, 8 and 12 inch versions for those looking for something thinner or slightly thicker.

Mattress Firmness

This mattress can be described as being medium soft or plush in feel. We would place it at a 5 on the firmness scale. The thicker version will feel softer while the thinner versions will feel firmer.

The top layer allows you to sink into it as memory foam should, providing a hugging feeling that keeps your body in place as you sleep. The bottom two layers then offer increased firmness to ensure your body (and spine) remains aligned throughout the night.

For this reason, it is better suited to those who sleep on their sides or combination sleepers who are constantly changing position. Stomach sleepers will likely struggle because this mattress is on the softer side.

If you’re a back sleeper, your success with this mattress will depend on your overall weight and body composition. Overall, the 10 inch version is an all rounder and is likely to suit most people.

We did notice that this mattress feels firmer in colder weather and softer in warmer weather. This is because the properties of memory foam change with ambient temperature.

There isn’t much bounce to this bed so those who prefer a springier feel should stick to innersprings and latex mattresses. 

Zinus Green Tea Mattress Cutaway

Additional Considerations

Motion Transfer

Memory foam excels at preventing motion transfer and is great for those who sleep next to a restless partner. The result is that you shouldn’t be able to feel when your partner gets in or out of bed or when they roll over.

On the other hand, this feature can also make it more difficult to change position. Most people will consider this a price worth paying.

Edge Support

Cheaper mattresses typically struggle with providing adequate edge support, but this mattress achieves a category average score in this field. You will notice compression when sitting on the edge of the bed but unless you’re very heavy and sleep right on the edge, it shouldn’t cause any issues while sleeping.

Sleep Temperature

Your sleeping temperature is an important consideration as it directly affects your quality of sleep. The ideal sleeping environment is a cool one as this promotes deeper, more restful sleep with less restlessness.

Zinus have tried to provide as cool a sleep as possible but memory foam does have its limits (it naturally absorbs heat). We found this mattress to sleep fairly warm, so we suggest using a lighter tog of quilt or looking for a mattress that better dissipates heat.

Base Requirements

Foam beds require a firm mattress base. This can incorporate timber slats, or it can be a divan if you prefer.

This mattress can also be used with an adjustable bed base if required. Zinus manufacture bed bases if you prefer a purpose-built option.


Every mattress worth buying comes with a decent warranty. This model features a 10 year warranty and covers manufacturing defects. If your mattress fails within this period, you will be eligible for a replacement or prorated refund. 

Zinus Mattress Review: Final Verdict

The Zinus Green Tea mattress offers exceptional value for money in the competitive entry level market. We loved the fact that it incorporates several creative materials such as the green tea extract, castor oil and charcoal. Rather than just a gimmick, the improved scent and reduction of off gassing is welcome.

The top layer of BioFoam® memory foam contours nicely to your body and will relieve pressure points across the shoulders and hips. The ventilated comfort layer and convoluted high-density base support the curves of your body and do their bit to regulate sleeping temperature. The result is a classic memory foam feel that many people will love. If you like warmth, you’ll be comfortable all night. 

This bed makes for a great choice if you’re on a budget and need a mattress that performs well but won’t break the bank. If you’re happy with the drawbacks of cheap memory foam, then look no further. If you don’t mind and simply need a mattress that will last, then this one is for you too. 


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