Bamboo mattresses have become increasingly popular in recent years with those looking for a natural alternative to traditional mattress materials. They also have several features you can benefit from even if their organic properties aren’t important to you.

If you’re shopping for the best bamboo mattress then you’re in the right place. We’ve tested several of these mattresses to find which ones offer higher quality, value for money and which should be avoided. Keep reading to find out our winner.

Best Bamboo Mattress In 2020

LUCID Hybrid Bamboo Charcoal Mattress – Best Overall

Our top pick is LUCID’s bamboo charcoal infused hybrid mattress.

LUCID have taken a unique approach with this bamboo mattress by incorporating materials that are rarely seen elsewhere. This includes the use of Aloe Vera to provide additional comfort as well as enhance the properties of the mattress. 

LUCID Bamboo Hybrid Mattress

The top layer is a 2 inch charcoal bamboo infused layer of memory foam which provides both comfort and pressure relief, while also providing enough support to ensure that your body is supported during sleep.

Beneath this layer is the Aloe Vera transition layer which provides additional cooling and support capability. The core of the mattress makes use of high-quality encased steel coils which provide a fantastic amount of support while remaining compliant in use.

The mattress is finished in a soft to the touch bamboo fabric cover which provides good skin feel and can be removed for cleaning. Its also labelled as plush which makes it softer than most.


A 100 night sleep trial and a 10 year warranty complete this mattress and make it our firm favorite. 

Brentwood Infused Foam Bamboo Mattress – Alternative Choice


Our runner up is a great mattress from Brentwood.


Brentwood have chosen to use a thick knitted bamboo cover for their mattress and keep the internal foam standard. This means that the cover is the only part of the mattress that contains bamboo fibers. 

Brentwood Memory Foam Bamboo Mattress

The interior is constructed from a combination of wool, memory foam, high density foam and a ventilated layer of Airlux for additional cooling performance. This provides for a medium firm mattress that is going to be suitable for a variety of sleeping types and positions.

You may be disappointed by the lack of bamboo used internally but we found that the cover was more than enough to gain all the benefits. This is because the internal layers work in tandem to promote breathability, support and comfort.

Brentwood stand by their products and provide a 25 year warranty with this mattress. This fact, in combination with the overall premium feel of this mattress, should see it serve you well for many years to come. 

LUCID Plush Memory Foam Latex Bamboo Mattress – Best Extra Plush Option 

This mattress is a thicker and softer version of their hybrid mattress.

Unlike our winner, this mattress contains latex and foam instead of innersprings to provide a different feel. In practice, its even softer and should be perfect for side sleepers and those who want the ultimate in comfort. 

Lucid Plush Latex Bamboo Mattress

This mattress takes a slightly different approach and utilizes a TENCEL cover instead of bamboo, as well as bamboo charcoal infused foam. This means that bamboo fabric won’t be touching your skin but is placed directly underneath the cover, so you still reap the benefits.

What is also very impressive is just how cool this mattress is. Thick layers of memory foam usually create a very warm mattress but the inclusion of charcoal and gel work very well to combat this.

If you like a soft mattress and won’t find it difficult to climb on and off of (its 16 inches thick), this mattress is for you. Because it is so soft, we would advise those with backpain to look for something a little firmer.

A 10 year warranty is available which covers defects and premature failure. 

BedStory Bamboo Charcoal Infused Memory Foam Mattress – Best Firm Option

The BedStory is another great all-round mattress.

BedStory aren’t the most well-known bed company but they’ve done well to produce a mattress that works well at an affordable price.


It utilizes bamboo charcoal within the foam layers for superior moisture wicking, temperature control and ventilation. The cover itself is a soft knitted fabric which doesn’t contain bamboo but is still soft and breathable. 

BedStory Bamboo Charcoal Mattress

We liked the fact that this mattress is firmer than the others which makes it suitable for more people. This includes back and stomach sleepers as well as those who suffer from backpain.

In practice, we found the mattress to be adequately supportive without being overly hard or uncomfortable. This is likely due to the focus on spinal alignment and pressure relief at the shoulders which always makes a big difference.  

If you think it might be right for you, you can use the 100 night sleep trial and try it out in your home to make sure it’s the perfect fit. 

Signature Sleep Hybrid Coil Bamboo Mattress – Best Budget Option

This Signature Sleep mattress is great for those who wish to spend a little less.

Like the Brentwood, it utilizes a bamboo rayon cover which is designed to flow air and wick away sweat. It does this beautifully and feels great on the skin.

This is a pillowtop mattress so the first layer is made from 3 zone foam which is designed to provide a useful combination of comfort and support. It works by altering its properties across the length of the mattress to suit the part of your body lying on it. 

Signature Sleep Hybrid Coil Bamboo Mattress

The top and bottom sections are plush whereas the middle is firmer to provide adequate hip support. This makes for exceptional contouring and pressure relief where you need it.

The innerspring core provides great weight distribution due to the use of 10 inch independently encased coils. These coils provide a firm but responsive feel and work well with the memory foam layers above to promote motion isolation and support.

As with the Brentwood, only the cover is made from bamboo but this should be fine for most people.


It comes with a 10 year warranty and is great for those who want a good mattress for less. 

Bamboo Mattress Buying Guide


If you’re heard the buzz surrounding this natural material and want to know if you could benefit from its properties, this guide will tell you everything you need to know about Bamboo and whether it is right for you.

What is a Bamboo Mattress?

The bamboo element refers to the construction of the outer cover of the mattress. Rather than cotton or polyester, bamboo mattresses use a woven bamboo fabric to form a material that performs much better and lasts longer.

Some of these mattresses will also include bamboo that has been directly infused into the foam layers.

The internal construction of the mattress remains the same as any other with a choice of memory foam and coil springs the most common option.

Types of Bamboo Mattress

The terminology used within the mattress industry can quickly become confusing. There are several types of bamboo mattress, each with their own unique features and properties.

Memory Foam & Gel Infused Bamboo Mattresses

This type contains layers of dense polyfoam and memory foam for the internal construction. These two types of foam work together to provide a bed that is both supportive yet comfortable at the same time.

The top layer of memory foam is often gel infused which is designed to promote a cooler sleeping surface. If you tend to get hot at night, this feature should be at the top of your shopping list.

The foam core is then wrapped in bamboo fabric to produce the finished product.

Spring Coil Bamboo Mattresses

Some bamboo beds utilize innersprings in addition to memory foam. This will usually provide a firmer sleeping surface that is perfect for back sleepers, combination sleepers and those who suffer from back pain.

An innerspring bamboo mattress will feature a foam top layer which may be infused with charcoal bamboo and then a woven bamboo fabric as the outer cover.

Bamboo Charcoal Mattresses

The other type of bamboo mattress utilizes pieces of bamboo charcoal to form an ash. This ash is then infused directly into the internal memory foam material and covered with bamboo fabric. 

The Benefits of Bamboo

The bamboo plant has a variety of uses and is often used in the production of household products. Its sustainable as well as environmentally friendly and makes a great substitute for plastic and other materials.

Spinal Support and Pressure Relief

Bamboo is strong and tensile when turned into a fabric. This makes it fantastic when used as a mattress cover as it will provide additional support when lying on it, ensuring that your body is properly supported and aligned.

Increased Ventilation

Bamboo offers a greater level of ventilation, air flow and breathability than most other fabrics. This is an important feature for mattresses as they tend to get hot during the night, especially when constructed from memory foam.

Bamboo will ensure that you remain cooler and thus more comfortable for longer with superior temperature regulation. It also features sweat wicking properties to improve comfort further and lower sleeping temperatures.


Dust, dust mites, bacteria and mildew can plague any fabric and become a trigger for those suffering from allergies. Bamboo is naturally resistant to these allergens and can provide relief to those with respiratory conditions.

Sensitive Skin Protection

Many people who suffer from sensitive skin struggle with typical synthetic fabric materials such as nylon and polyester. This can lead to rashes, eczema and other skin conditions which can be the source of pain and discomfort.


As bamboo is 100% natural, many people with irritated or sensitive skin find that it provides relief and improves comfort while sleeping. It also doesn’t harbor bacteria and thus remains cleaner if your skin is exceptionally delicate. 

Bamboo Mattress

Other Considerations

Bamboo Layer Depth

The layer of infused bamboo charcoal should be at least an inch thick with 3 inches being preferable. The advantages of bamboo become more apparent when a greater amount of the material is used so make sure that it is used liberally.

Bamboo Placement

The bamboo used in your mattress needs to be as close to the skin as possible. This is provided with a bamboo cover, but the layer of bamboo infused foam should sit just beneath this cover as this is where its beneficial properties will be felt the most.


Bamboo beds are available to buy in several popular sizes. This includes twin, full, queen and king size mattresses. Our tests are based on the popular queen size but each brand will be able to provide one in the size you prefer.


Every mattress should come with a warranty. Mattresses of a superior quality will often come with a longer warranty, but you should always look for a minimum of 5 years.

Some companies will offer a 20 year or lifetime warranty which should mean that any defects that arise in that period will be covered by way of a replacement mattress.


Your bamboo mattress should come with at least a CertiPUR-US certification to prove its environmentally friendly credentials. This essentially means that no toxic or harmful materials will have been used in its production such as heavy metals and other harmful chemicals

Bed Sheets


Sleeping directly on top of the bamboo cover is preferable but bed sheets can also be used if you prefer. Make sure that you’re using breathable cotton sheets to maximize the beneficial properties of bamboo. 

Final Verdict

The bamboo mattress is a great alternative for those looking for an organic or natural bed. Their sweat wicking and antibacterial properties are fantastic and are beneficial to everyone.


There are an increasing number of bamboo mattresses available on the market, but we believe that our picks represent the best bamboo mattresses available. Simply choose the one that fits your requirements and enjoy the many benefits that bamboo has to offer. 

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