Innerspring mattresses are one of the oldest types of bed in existence. Having been around for over 100 years, they’ve come a long way with several improvements in their design and construction, making them a good alternative to memory foam mattresses.

There are many variations of the innerspring mattress on the market which can make buying a new one confusing. But through our extensive testing, we’ve been able to sample several coil spring mattresses and can tell you which ones are worth your money as well as which one is the best innerspring mattress available. 

Best Innerspring Mattress In 2020

Signature Sleep Encased Coil Mattress – Best Overall

Our top pick is this brilliant mattress by Signature Sleep.

It’s a medium firm hybrid spring mattress which utilizes a bed of encased coil springs which act as a firm supportive core. On top sits 7 layers of convoluted foam and memory foam which work together to provide a supremely comfortable sleeping surface. 

Signature Sleep Encased Coil Mattress

The layered approach allows this mattress to provide adequate support for those who need it while being soft enough to satisfy most people who prefer a plush bed. This essentially makes it suitable for back, stomach and side sleepers alike with exceptional pressure relief capability.

Our favorite feature is the foam pillow-top which offers a fantastic level of motion isolation and conformity, making it perfect if you’re a restless sleeper and change position throughout the night.

It ships rolled and compressed and features a 10 year warranty that covers defects.

Its our favorite innerspring mattress and one that we think you’ll be happy with. 

Zinus Extra Firm Pocketed iCoil Mattress – Best Firm Spring

The next mattress on our list is one for firm bed lovers.

It utilizes a high number of pocketed coils (936 in queen size) as a base which are covered with 3 thin but supportive layers of memory foam. This is what provides the firm feel that people love about this mattress. 

Zinus Extra Firm Pocketed iCoil Mattress

But what is important to note is that it’s still very comfortable. This is because Zinus have included their iCoil system which provides for a higher quality of coil spring. This coupled with the top layer of memory foam is enough to provide adequate pressure relief and motion isolation without making the bed feel as if you’re sleeping on a bed of rocks.

The entire construction is breathable and provides sufficient airflow which in combination with the jacquard cover offers a very cool sleep.

It’s a pity it doesn’t come with a sleep trial so you can try before you buy but the 10 year warranty is welcome. 

See our Zinus Mattress Review for more information on this brand.

Sunrising Bedding Encased Latex Hybrid Mattress – Natural Option

A great option for those looking for a natural option.

Sunrising Bedding have decided to utilize Talalay latex in the construction of this mattress for those who prefer the feel of latex or want an environmentally friendly mattress.

It sits above two layers of memory foam which in turn sit above tempered steel encased springs. From a performance point of view, this makes for a medium firm mattress that offers plenty of support without being overly hard. We refer to it as comfortable firmness.

Sunrising Bedding Encased Latex Hybrid Mattress


For those who are new to latex, they might find the top layer a little too unforgiving initially, but we recommend trying it for a month before coming to a final decision. Thankfully, a 120 night sleep trial is available with all purchases.

Great for back and stomach sleepers and potentially some side sleepers due to the pressure relief properties that are included. A 20 year warranty completes this unique offering. 

Zinus Ultima Comfort Spring Mattress – Best Medium Spring

The Zinus Ultima Comfort is the medium version of the Zinus’ iCoil mattress.

For those who feel the other Zinus will be too firm, this one is for you.

It utilizes exactly the same type of construction but has swapped out the internal materials for ones that are softer and plusher in nature. The result is a medium mattress that is supportive without being too hard. 

Zinus Ultima Comfort Spring Mattress

Many buyers describe it as being both soft and firm at the same time. It sounds like a contradiction but it’s a statement we agree with and is exactly what innerspring mattresses are designed to do.

This mattress is available in a thicker variation which contains more foam, a good option for those who want something a little plusher.

Delivered in a box and available with a 10 year warranty, this medium option is a good compromise for many people. 

Olee Sleep Hybrid Pocket Spring Mattress – Best Budget Spring 

A fantastic option for those searching for a cheap innerspring mattress.

Olee Sleep have managed to produce a mattress that performs as well as many other more expensive spring options at a fraction of the cost. 

Olee Sleep Hybrid Pocket Spring Mattress

It utilizes pocketed springs which are covered in 5 layers of foam to provide a medium firm mattress. Once again, it can be described as both soft and firm and is exceptionally supportive while remaining soft to the touch.

The use of heavy steel coils has been done to increase durability which means this is a mattress that should last most people for years. If you’re of an average weight and need a mattress on a budget, you could do much worse than this one.  

Buying an Innerspring (Coil Spring) Mattress

The innerspring mattress provides the traditional bouncy feel that many people have become accustomed to. What many people don’t know is that this type of mattress is available in a variety of different forms, some of which make for outstanding beds and some which are best avoided.

With that said, it is still possible to buy an affordable innerspring mattress that will provide you with the support and comfort required for a good night’s sleep. This guide will tell you exactly what to look for when coil spring mattress shopping. 

The Different Types of Spring Mattress

The main difference with this type of bed is in the type of springs used and the way they are connected together to construct the mattress.

Open Coils

The most basic type of coil mattress is known as the open coil or Bonnell Coil. This is the type of mattress that you’ll have grown up sleeping on as a child and should be avoided unless on a very tight budget.

They’re constructed using a single piece of steel wire which is shaped into hundreds of coils which run across the entire length and width of the mattress.

This design makes them very firm in their feel which is why they’re often used in orthopedic mattresses.

They make for a good cheap innerspring mattress but are usually best avoided due to poor durability and movement isolation. They also tend to ‘dip’ or sag in the middle over time.

Continuous Coils

The next step up in the range is the continuous coil or Mira Coil mattress.

They provide a firm feel but also tend to suffer from sagging over time. They also don’t offer the contouring and conformity that better innerspring mattresses do. The other downside is they can be quite noisy.

Offset Coils

Offset coils are a mid-range option and are unique in that each coil is hinged together at the top by a helical wire. This allows for better motion isolation and conformity to the various parts of your body.

The benefits are a very firm and supportive coil that can bear considerable weight while remaining soft in their feel. If you want to feel as if you’re sleeping on a soft mattress but don’t want to forgo adequate support, the offset coil mattress is worth your consideration.

Pocketed Coils (Encased / Wrapped)

The most advanced option and the one we always recommend is the pocketed or encased innerspring mattress. They differ in the fact that each coil is completely independent, allowing them to be compressed individually instead of as a group.

The immediate benefits are increased comfort, better conformity and superior motion isolation. They’re also the quietest type of coil mattress and are resistant to sagging.

This is typically the most expensive type of coil mattress, but they can still be affordable depending on the brand and product line.

Hybrid Coils

Although referred to as innerspring mattresses, most will still feature at least a single layer of polyfoam or memory foam on top. Some argue that this makes them hybrid mattresses, but the terms are often used interchangeably.

High-quality innerspring mattresses feature more layers of foam on top and some even use foam on the bottom too, forming a sandwich effect for the coil spring core. 

Innerspring Mattress

Other Quality Considerations

Coil Count

Other than the type of coil used, the number of coils used is the most important factor when comparing mattresses. As a basic rule, the more coils used the better the mattress will perform.

The typical range is anywhere between 200 coils in a twin size mattress and up to 2000 coils in a premium or luxury king size mattress. The larger the size of mattress, the more coils it should contain.

Anything less than 300 coils can be considered to be low quality. We always recommend looking for a minimum of 400 coils for a queen-sized mattress and 500 for a king-sized mattress

More coils equate to greater durability and a longer lasting bed but this usually comes at a cost. 

Coil Gauge

The second factor when coil spring mattress shopping is the gauge or thickness of each coil. The typical range is between 12 and 15 but there are 18 gauge springs available.

The lower the gauge the thicker the coil, and the higher the gauge the thinner the coil. Thicker coils are much firmer or harder and thinner coils are much softer and springier.

We recommend a 12 gauge coil if you’re looking for a firm spring mattress and a minimum of 13.5 if you prefer a bouncier, softer feel.

It’s a good idea to compare the number of coils to the gauge of the coils used when choosing your bed. A mattress with stronger, thicker wires but fewer coils can offer the same or even better quality than a mattress with more but thinner coils.

Hybrid Mattress Cutaway
Hybrid Mattress

Advantages of a Coil Spring Mattress

Better Airflow

The biggest advantage for many is that coil mattresses offer superior breathability and ventilation capability than their memory foam counterparts. This means that air flows through the mattress at a greater rate which translates into reduced temperatures.

Many people struggle with night sweats and elevated body temperatures when they sleep. If you fall into this category (warm sleeper), it might be worth trying out a coil mattress to see if it helps.


Each type of spring mattress offers something different, and because many mattresses of this type are paired with other materials such as foam, its possible to mix and match specifications to find the perfect mattress.

Cost Effective

Spring mattresses are some of the cheapest you’ll find and start at around $100. If money is tight, you’ll still be able to find a mattress to tide you over for a few years. If you buy the right model it’s also possible to benefit from quality at a good price.

Boxed Spring Mattresses

The bed in a box has become a favorite with consumers across the country. They allow you to buy a mattress online and have it delivered to your home in a compact box, allowing you to then carry it to your bedroom of choice and simply pull it out for use.

It is possible to compress and roll up a spring mattress so if you prefer the convenience of boxed beds, look for a brand that carries this product option. 


Should I Buy an Innerspring Mattress?

It is purely down to preference, but everyone can benefit from the advantages these mattresses provide. Some people actually argue that coil springs are better for your health as they’re better at ensuring your body remains aligned properly while sleeping.

Some also argue that they promote better blood circulation during sleep.

We find that spring mattresses work very well for heavier people as they are far easier to climb in and out of. This firmness also ensures that their weight is supported properly which will prevent backpain and other sleep related aches and pains.

Depending on the position you usually sleep in, specific types of innerspring mattress will work better for you. Stomach and back sleepers require a strong core support system to maintain proper alignment of the spine. Because of this, pocket springs which help distribute your weight evenly across the bed are a good choice if you fit into this category. This is why mattresses for back sleepers are often made from springs.

Side sleepers usually benefit from a hybrid innerspring mattress (the most common type). Mattresses for combination sleepers are often hybrids too. You still receive the support from a firm steel coil core, but each memory foam layer can provide a more comfortable sleeping surface that is better at relieving pressure. 

Final Verdict

Whether you prefer soft or firm or stiff and bouncy, the innerspring mattress caters for every type of sleeper. There are budget choices as well as premium choices and a wide range of materials and technologies utilized across the spring bed market.

We believe that we’ve found the best innersprings mattresses currently available. Simply go with our top pick or consider the other options if you feel they better fit your requirements. 

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