Foldable mattresses (sometimes referred to as folding mattresses), are a fantastic alternative to the standard mattresses you’ve been sleeping on for years. A foldable mattress is simply one that can be folded up using its ‘hinges’ for easy transportation and storage.

It is their exceptional portability that makes the folding mattress so popular, as they’re perfect for use as a temporary mattress if you have guests staying over or even for camping trips.

Buying the best folding mattress for your needs is simply a case of getting an idea of your requirements and then checking those off against the many mattresses that are available. We’ve made your life easier by testing these mattresses so that you don’t have to. We even tell you what to look for when choosing from a selection of foldable mattresses. Simply choose the one you like and you’re good to go.

Best Folding Mattress In 2020

Milliard Twin XL Tri Folding Mattress

Milliard are a well-regarded mattress company and their products rarely disappoint. This folding mattress is a great example of what the company is capable of producing as we consider it the best foldable mattress that you can buy.

This model weighs 27.5 lbs and measures in at 78 x 38 x 6 inches and is classed as a Twin XL mattress. That means that it is great for one person but could also accommodate another with ease. Its overall thickness of 6 inches is also going to be great for most uses.

Milliard Tri-Folding Mattress

What we particularly liked was the materials used to make this mattress. The top cover is simply fantastic and is made from a soft bamboo material which is not only comfortable but hardwearing too.

You’ve also got breathability built into the mattress through the use of a breathable mesh on the sides. Furthermore, it is filled with a non-toxic memory foam which is what they describe as medium firm in nature.

A non-slip bottom and the fact that this mattress comes with a washable cover makes it our top pick.

Best Price Queen Tri Folding Mattress

Best Price are another household name who know how to make a great mattress.

This model weighs 26 lbs and measures in at 80 x 60 x 4 inches which makes it a Queen-sized mattress. This means that it is perfect for two people who will have enough space to sleep comfortably. The thickness measurement of 4 inches means that it also gives you a little more portability without sacrificing too much comfort. Other sizes are also available.

Best Price Queen Tri Folding Mattress

The outer material is a comfort poly jacquard cover which is very comfortable and soft to the touch. Inside, you will find a top layer of memory foam and a bottom layer of high-density foam which is what gives you both a comfortable and supportive mattress.

Best Price market this mattress as being suited to camping and RV trips and we wouldn’t disagree. Its well-priced, durable, portable and a great size and will make a fantastic choice for any potential buyer.  

Cozzzi Trifold Folding Mattress

Cozzie have focused on versatility for this mattress and it shows. Its marketed for use as anything from a temporary or spare bed to something you could use in the gym as a base for exercising or yoga.

And that approach has paid off as it is very hard wearing and easy to transport. You have a choice of sizes available to you ranging from 75 x 25 inches to 75 x 39 inches although the thickness remains the same at 4 inches. The smallest size weighs in at just 9 lbs.

Folding Mattress

What we particularly liked is the fact that they have given the fabric a dark color which is going to go a long way to hiding unsightly stains which are bound to occur if this mattress is used as intended.

The insides are filled with high density foam throughout which is going to provide a lot of support and is one of the reasons that this mattress is so durable. As you would expect, the cover is also washable and can be easily zipped off for cleaning.

D&D Futon Furniture Trifold Foldable Bed

D&D Futon Furniture have kept it simple with this foldable mattress.

It is available in one size which measures 75 x 27 x 3 inches and is filled with high density foam throughout. You might be thinking that this mattress isn’t thick enough, but in practice, we found it perfectly comfortable to lay or sleep on. In fact, we have received favourable comments from users who weigh 300 lbs who say that the foam filling is perfectly supportive for a great night’s sleep.

D&D Futon Furniture Trifold Foldable Bed

It weighs just 10 lbs making it as portable as any other foldable mattress, whether from room to room in your home or out on the road.

The cover is a soft but durable fabric that can be removed for cleaning, so if simplicity is what you’re after, you could do a lot worse than D&D’s folding mattress.

One Sleep Tri-Fold Mattress

We love One Sleep products as they provide you with exactly what you need and nothing that you don’t.

Their tri-folding mattress is as simple as they come and is designed for both sleeping on and for use as a day bed if you need to lay down for a nap. It also makes the perfect soft surface for small children to play on which is why it’s a firm favourite with consumers.

With measurements of 75 x 25 x 4 inches it is also designed to sleep one, but its this simplicity that makes it so versatile. Folding it up and transporting it couldn’t be easier due to its light weight of 10 lbs which makes it perfect for camping.

The choice of color is great as it hides stains and the cover is washable for those occasions where something has been spilt on it or it simply needs a clean.

What To Look For When Buying A Foldable Mattress

The five main factors for a folding mattress are the material its filled with, its cover, the thickness, the overall size footprint and just how portable it is. All of these factors are relevant to just how much value for money you’re going to get out of your mattress.


Folding mattresses are either filled with memory foam or polyurethane latex. The choice depends on your budget and your intended use for your new mattress.

Memory foam is a fantastic material that adapts to the shape of the person lying on it. Furthermore, it remembers the overall shape and profile of its user to make it more comfortable for future use. Think of it as a personalized mattress. Because of this, the foam is dense which also makes it very durable.

In contrast, Polyurethane is much less dense as well as much lighter overall. The downside is that this type of filling is far less durable than the alternative but is great for those on a budget.  

One more thing to note is that all types of foam do a good job of retaining body heat. If you’re a warm sleeper, it might be a good idea to invest in a foldable mattress that is designed to be breathable.


The cover is the bit of the mattress that you will be in contact with when sleeping. They are there to simply protect the mattress from damage. You will often find that some covers are removeable which means that they can be taken off for washing or replacement if required.

The cover is also the bit of the mattress that is likely to see the most wear and tear. Friction will damage any surface, so the more durable the cover, the better. Always look for a tough fabric and even consider a waterproof cover if water resistance is important to you.


The thicker the mattress the better, as they will usually be more comfortable. This also translates into better support whilst sleeping and better durability. Unfortunately, thicker mattresses will be heavier and much less portable than their thinner counterparts. They also cost much more.

Thicker mattresses will be constructed from high density foam and thinner mattresses from low density foam so keep this in mind.

We suggest that you tailor your choice based on your requirements. You will have the choice of a 4, 6, or 8 inch mattress so choose the best for your needs. If in doubt, 6 inches is always a good compromise. If you do need something a little thicker and more supportive, you could always place a mattress topper on top.


Similar to the thickness of your mattress, its overall size or footprint is just as important. You get less choice with a foldable mattress compared to others, with Twin, Full and Queen usually being the sizes available to you.

Twin sized mattresses are great for children and smaller adults, measuring 75 x 39 inches.

Full sized mattresses are great for one adult, or two if you don’t mind the lack of space, measuring 75 x 54 inches.

Queen sized mattresses are great for two adults, measuring 80 x 60 inches.

Always check the dimensions before you buy as some brands carry irregular sizes.


Foldable mattresses are primarily designed with portability in mind and are perfect for folding up and transporting them to wherever you need. Not all mattresses are made equally though, and some are inherently more portable than others.

The two main factors to portability are the weight of your mattress and the way that it has been designed to fold. We’ve covered weight, but when looking for your next mattress, make sure that it folds in at least two places (tri fold) for the easiest portability.

Who Is a Folding Mattress For?

Folding mattresses can be used by just about anyone. Common usage scenarios include:


If you would prefer not to sleep on the ground or want something a little more comfortable than an inflatable bed, the folding mattress is for you. Just fold it up for transportation in your car and then lay it out once you’ve set your tent up.

Alternatively, a camping air mattress is a good alternative solution.


If you often travel overnight and want somewhere comfortable that you can sleep, simply bring one of these mattresses with you and you’ll have your own ready-made bed.

Guests Staying Over

Sleeping on the sofa will be a thing of the past once you invest in a good foldable mattress. Your guests will thank you for it and they’ll be able to sleep wherever they like the next time they sleep over.

A futon mattress is also a good alternative for guest sleepovers. 

Children’s Play Areas

Children love soft furnishings, but they need to be durable and safe enough to stand up to the type of use they’ll see. A small folding mattress is perfect for this task and most covers can easily be removed for cleaning.

Ready to Buy Your New Foldable Mattress?

Foldable mattresses are supremely versatile and can be used for just about any situation. We have tested the best foldable mattresses available and hope that one of them is perfect for your needs.

If you’re after something a little different, there are other floor mattresses available which may be more suitable. 

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