LUCID are typically known as a budget mattress brand as they produce beds at the lower end of the price range. But in practice, their mattresses are good enough to rival many more expensive brands. 

We regularly recommend LUCID mattresses for those looking for a cost-effective bed that performs well and is designed to last. In this review, we’ll be taking a closer look at one of their most popular models which is also the one we recommend most often.  

LUCID Hybrid Mattress

A well-priced hybrid mattress that performs well.LUCID Bamboo Hybrid Mattress


LUCID Mattress Overview

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Buying A LUCID Mattress

LUCID’s biggest selling point is their accessibility. All of their mattresses are sold in ‘bed in a box’ form which makes the ordering and delivery process very smooth.

Simply head over to your favorite online retailer and choose the thickness and size of the mattress you desire. You will then receive a delivery a day or two later which consists of an easily manageable box which contains your new mattress.

From there, you simply have to pull the mattress out of the box and watch it unfold and reach its full size over the space of a few hours. 

Retailers like Amazon even offer same day delivery for eligible purchases so you could have your new bed delivered in a matter of hours. 

How Much is a LUCID Hybrid Mattress?

Prices differ based upon the exact model you purchase. You will also find that thicker variants as well as larger sizes such as a king mattress are more expensive. 

The model we’re reviewing today typically retails for around $350 in a queen size which is pretty good value for the quality and performance on offer. 

Mattress Construction & Quality

This hybrid bed is constructed from a combination of memory foam, polyfoam and steel coil springs. The term hybrid is used because more than one type of material has been used to construct the internals of this mattress.

This 10 inch version consists of four separate layers which includes two separate layers of memory foam, comfort foam and the coil spring base.  

The top layer is made from bamboo charcoal memory foam and is the surface you’re going to be sleeping on. It is 1.5 inches thick and has been infused with charcoal to enhance its cooling ability, wick away sweat and help eliminate odors.

This layer provides good motion transfer isolation as well as the feeling of being hugged that memory foam lovers enjoy.

The second layer is made from Aloe Vera infused memory foam and is designed to complement the layer above. Together they work in tandem to provide both pressure relief and the contouring required to adequately support your body during sleep.

The Aloe Vera infusion is designed to make the mattress smell better and get rid of some of the chemical like smell that memory foam typically omits. In reality, we didn’t smell much Aloe Vera at all which would suggest that it works as intended.

The third layer is simple support or transition foam and is designed to prevent the coil springs being felt through the upper layers of the mattress. It is also designed to increase lateral support for your body and assist with natural spinal alignment.

The bottom layer consists of a bed of pocketed steel coils which provide the majority of support for your bodyweight. This layer is 5.5 inches thick which is more than adequate to ensure that you’re not sinking through the bed but instead remain where you should.

These coils are encased in foam which isolates them from the edges of the mattress. Its such a good system that you wouldn’t know they were there unless you were familiar with innerspring beds.

The cover is made from a combination of spandex, polyester and viscose. Its soft to the touch but isn’t the best cover we’ve ever seen, but at this price point its to be expected. 

This mattress can also be purchased in a 12 inch version if you’re looking for something a little thicker. 

Mattress Firmness

This mattress can be described as medium in feel. LUCID have branded it as medium–soft but we tend to disagree. It will soften over time, but it definitely feels like a medium to someone of average weight (180lb).

We would place it at a 5 on the firmness scale. The 12 inch version will feel softer as there is a thicker layer of foam

You can definitely tell it is made from memory foam, but it doesn’t offer as much ‘sink’ as other comparable memory foam beds. So rather than sink into it, you sort of lie on it.

Due to its medium firmness, we believe it to be suitable for every sleeping position providing you fall into the weight category of between 150 and 250 lb.

Back and stomach sleepers should find adequate support provided by the coil spring base. If you’re a little heavier (200lb+) and have a preference for firmness, you might want to look for something a little firmer which will provide more support.

Side sleepers will be accommodated due to the pressure relieving properties of the two top layers of memory foam. We didn’t notice any aches or pains in the shoulders or hip region after a night on this mattress. 

Combination sleepers will feel right at home on this bed as its good enough for those who like to change position throughout the night. No matter which position you’re in, you should feel comfortable. 

LUCID Bamboo Hybrid Mattress

Additional Considerations

Motion Transfer

We found motion transfer isolation to be adequate. It doesn’t excel in this area, but couples should be fine if one is a light sleeper and the other is particularly active during the night.

If even better motion isolation is required, we suggest a memory foam mattress that offers the deep ‘sink’ feeling which helps to isolate movement.

Edge Support

We found the edge support performance of this mattress to be good for the price range. LUCID have focused on this characteristic and it shows. Providing you’re of average weight, you will find sleeping right at the edge of the mattress to be comfortable.

Sleep Temperature

Your body temperature during the night is an important consideration as it directly affects your quality of sleep. A cooler sleep environment promotes a better quality of sleep with less restlessness.  

The coil spring base allows this mattress to offer a good amount of ventilation. This combined with the charcoal top layer should provide a cool sleep for most people.

The way we perceive temperature is subjective, so your cool may be another person’s hot. With that said, this mattress runs cool for one constructed from memory foam.

Base Requirements

This mattress can be used with any type of base, whether a timber frame, slats or a divan.

If you prefer to match your mattress with its base, LUCID offer several adjustable bed bases which are designed to work with this mattress.


LUCID provide a 10 year warranty with this mattress which is the industry standard. It covers defects and premature failures that aren’t attributed to normal wear and tear. 

If you need to make a claim, you should either receive a replacement or be refunded on a prorate basis depending on how long you’ve owned the mattress. 

LUCID Mattress Review: Final Verdict

The LUCID Hybrid mattress offers good value for money in this section of the market. We like the fact that this mattress caters to so many people, a testament to the design and engineering that has gone into it.  

Despite being made from memory foam, it doesn’t provide a significant amount of the ‘sinking’ feeling that is traditionally associated with the material but remains comfortable, nonetheless. More importantly, the mattress does what it is intended to do which is to support your body during sleep and maintain good posture and spinal alignment.

For people shopping in this end of the market (less than $500), price is usually the most important factor. It scores well in this area even though cheaper mattresses are available, as this one performs at a higher level. 

There are few disadvantages associated with this product making it one we strongly recommend. 


Our Rating

Great value for money.


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