Purple launched their first mattress in 2015 and are amongst several innovate start-up companies within the mattress and bedding industry. What separates Purple from the rest of the competition is that they’ve chosen to implement and utilize a unique proprietary material within their mattresses, backed up by the testing and research of one of the founders who is also a rocket scientist. 

There are now 3 products within their range but in this review, we’ll be focussing on the original Purple Mattress. Is Purple’s approach to mattress design enough to make this mattress worthy of recommending? Stay tuned to find out. 

The Purple Mattress

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Buying A Purple Mattress

Purple refer to this mattress as the bed that broke the internet. A bold claim, but one that stems from the fact that Purple were able to launch a very successful viral marketing campaign which quickly made almost everyone across the country aware of this new mattress.

Like their competitors, Purple are heavily invested in e-commerce rather than traditional brick and more retail stores which provides several benefits for consumers.

As you would expect, you’re purchasing what is known as a “bed in a box”, which basically means that your factory fresh mattress is rolled into a cylinder and packed into a box for easy shipping and delivery. It is this process which makes the online retail model so successful. 

Purple also offer free white glove delivery which is handy if you would rather someone else carry the mattresses’ box into your home and pull your mattress out.

How Much is a Purple Hybrid Mattress?

The original Purple Mattress is the cheapest in the range and starts at around $650. Unfortunately, this is only for the small twin size which isn’t really suitable for larger adults or couples.

A queen-sized Purple Mattress is around $1000 which is by no means cheap. But once you start comparing this mattress to the competition, the price starts to make sense.

This is of course a premium product and has been designed with as few compromises as possible. The two other mattresses in the range are even more expensive and start at $1300 and $1800 respectively. 

Thankfully, a 10 year warranty and a 100 night sleep trial are provided with every purchase which adds to the overall value of this product. 

Mattress Construction & Quality

This is the exciting bit that we alluded to at the beginning of this review. This is a polyfoam mattress first and foremost, but a hyperplastic polymer grid has also been included as a separate layer, and it’s this material which allegedly possesses the properties which makes this mattress so special.

This mattress is 9.5 inches thick overall and that measurement stays constant whether you purchase a twin or king-sized variant.

This mattress was also updated in 2019 with an improved cover and enhanced edge support through the use of denser foam.

The top layer is constructed from the comfort Purple Grid which means that you’ll be sleeping on this material. This honeycomb structure has been designed to replicate the performance of memory foam but without any of the drawbacks or disadvantages.

This means that it relieves pressure as it should while remaining comfortable and supportive as well as reducing the amount of heat absorbed from your body.

In practice, we found this layer to conform quickly to the shape of your body. It is also soft enough to prevent the build up of pressure we normally experience in the shoulders and hips when sleeping on our side.

The weight distribution properties of the Purple Grid are impressive as the grid structure allows pressure to be released and spread to other parts of the mattress, ensuring you remain comfortable throughout the night.

This layer is also responsible for airflow and helps the mattress to remain temperature neutral.

The second layer is constructed from a 1.8 PCF medium-soft polyurethane foam. It has been designed to act as both a comfort layer and a transitional layer and works in conjunction with the Purple Grid to provide additional support.

It also works to better insulate you from the firmer base layer underneath, preventing you from sinking through or feeling the presence of the layer.

The bottom layer is the support core which consists of 4 inches of 2.0 PCF high-density polyfoam. This dense layer provides a stable, firm base for the mattress and increased overall stability and durability.

The SoftFlex cover is constructed from polyester, viscose and Lycra which is designed to work in harmony with the Purple Grid to enhance comfort and feel. It is soft to the touch and stretchy in nature. 

Purple recommends that any stains are removed via spot cleaning with a mild detergent. 

Mattress Firmness

The Purple Mattress is designated as medium-firm and is placed at a 6.5 on the firmness scale.

This translates into a mattress that is firm to the touch, providing good support across the length and width of the sleeping surface. Despite this, there is still a considerable amount of ‘give’ in the top layer, so you never feel as if you’re sleeping on a plank of wood.

The performance of this mattress does depend on your weight. This means that those who weigh between 130 and 230 lb will receive enough support to promote natural spinal alignment.

If you’re heavier, you may experience sag which is never good and will likely result in discomfort (you will be better off with the Purple Hybrid Mattress). If you’re lighter, you may find this bed feels a little too firm and will never allow your spine to find its natural position.

We found that most sleeping positions were catered for by this mattress.

Back sleepers were considered heavily in the design of this bed. This is why you’re unable to sink too deeply when in this position which is perfect for your spine.

Back sleepers can learn more in our guide.

Side sleepers were also considered which is why the Purple Grid layer is so effective. There is just enough sink and compliance to prevent the build-up of pressure in the shoulders, hips and knees. 

Side sleepers can learn more in our guide.

Stomach sleepers should also find this mattress just as comfortable, as the Purple Grid supports your hips enough to keep your spine neutral when sleeping in this position. If you carry a lot of weight in your midsection, we would suggest upgrading to the Purple Hybrid to prevent sagging.

Stomach sleepers can learn more in our guide.

Combination sleepers should love this mattress as the Purple Grid adapts quickly to the transfer of weight. Rolling over during the night will present little effort and the top two layers will ensure that you remain supported and comfortable.

Combination sleepers can learn more in our guide.

Purple Mattress Feature List

Additional Considerations

Motion Transfer

Motion isolation is very good, especially when you consider that memory foam hasn’t been used within the construction of the mattress. This is because the middle transitional layer prevents too much movement, remaining stable and providing a motion damping action.

Edge Support

Edge support is average across comparable foam beds. Purple did perform an update in 2019 which provides increased reinforcement in this area.

Sitting on the edge of the bed will result in considerable sinkage but sleeping near to the edge should be fine for most people that are suited to this mattress.

Sleep Temperature

Your overall body temperature while sleeping directly affects the quality of sleep you receive. The cooler you are, the more restful your sleep.

Due to the absence of memory foam, the Purple Mattress sleeps much cooler than most memory foam beds. This is thanks to the open grid structure of the Purple layer which allows air to flow easily through and around this section.

Due to being a type of plastic, it also wont absorb as much heat as memory foam does.

If you sleep warm, you might like to give this mattress a trial run.

Base Requirements

Purple offer the Purple PowerBase and the Purple Platform Base as separate accessories. They work with each of the company’s mattresses so are a good choice if you plan to upgrade to another product in the range in the future.

We would stay away from spring bases as this mattress should be placed onto a stable surface.


Purple provide a 10 year limited warranty with their mattresses.

What this means is that they’ll repair or replace a defective mattress at their discretion.

The mattress cover is not included within the mattress warranty and is instead covered by its own 2 year warranty where Purple will repair or replace the cover depending on the basis of the claim.

Purple offer a 100 night sleep trial with this mattress which allows you to trial the bed from the comfort of your own home. If it’s a poor fit, return it and Purple will cover shipping and handling.

The mattress has a 30 night break in period, but if you’re not happy with it and wish to return it within that period, Purple are happy to do so. 

The most important fact to note is that Purple will not honor any warranty claim that involves a mattress being placed onto a spring base. Your base must be firm, flat and stable. 

The Purple Mattress Review: Final Verdict

The Purple Mattress took the US by storm when it was first released, and the company have made several quality updates since to improve its performance. As they continue to receive customer feedback, we see no reason why they won’t continue to improve what is a good mattress.

There have been some customer complaints regarding durability, so we really do suggest looking elsewhere if you’re a heavier individual or your beds naturally see a lot of wear in a short period of time. 

For everyone else, we recommend giving this mattress a go. It has been a revolution for many people, and you may just feel the same way. 


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